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videshi bazaarTM is a portal where you can have promotion your products or business , in online business era, where people are opting online business , it is being very tough for shop owners to enhance their business , so we have come up with a strong idea to enhance their business, this portal helps you to enhance your business with two methods :1 ) online business ,2) book your shop on portal (E-Mall)

list of foreign products directory

foreign products directory in india

international brands directory

grow your business , first time in india , a portal where you can promote your foreign or international business/brand/ shop value as well as online business , visit videshibazaar.com

our promotional ways are:

1)      Seo

2)      Shop to shop (Executive marketing)

3)      Email- shooting

4)      Group on face book/twitter/linked in

5)      Leading NewsPaper ad.

6)      B2b fair (event)

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