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Phanaeng currypanang curry, or penang curry, (ThaiพะแนงIPA: [pʰā.nɛ̄ːŋ]) is a type of Thai curry that is generally milder than other Thai curries. It traditionally includes dried chili peppersgalangallemongrasscoriander rootcoriander seedscumin seeds,garlicshrimp paste and salt, and sometimes also shallots and peanuts.[1] A popular phanaeng curry dish is beef phanaeng, which is a dish based on beef in a curry sauce.

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The traditional dish contains beef cut in thin strips, kaffir lime leaves, coconut milkphanaengcurry paste, palm sugar and fish sauce. The dish typically contains thick coconut milk and has very little other liquids added. For vegetarians, tofu can be used in place of beef. In Thailand, the meal is usually eaten with rice.

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