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VideshiBazaar.com TM is a directory of foreign products and dealers , first portal in india which is working only on foreign (videshi) items or  brands available in india.


Videshi Bazaar TM helps you to find a foreign brands in india or find list of international brands in india or find popular brands in india or directory  of foreign products dealers in india etc...We (videshibazaar) have come up with a very cosmopolitan based idea, this is unique in its own field what we target to build up the  relation between local customers and foreign dealers and to have something which has a foreign brand tag either at their home or for personal use , this has become  status symbol of people.


The portal is quite user friendly and focuses on two basic pillars i.e. one is Indian can search foreign items or foreign brands  to make the people aware about foreign brands in India and foreign dealers or foreign item based shopkeepers in India can open their shop on “Book My Shop” tag, along with this they can have picture of their shops, discount coupons, video files and other means to promote their business. 


On the other hand, India is having huge potential to consume huge foreign brands and now with the approval of FDI given by Indian Govt.has been a milestone in the field of making India more globalized and certainly this would open flood gates to foreign companies to set up a business in India.




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