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First Glance That Cant Be Ignored
This ad definitely will be visible to all and every time even surfing to other pages does not affect on it , it will put impression on the mind of visitor and enhance your visit on your site or store or product!

  • Bigger size and more visibility
  • Vibrant look
  • Chances of more clicks and growth rate
  • This is the best location to go for advertisement and can’t be overlooked.
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Offers and Discounts

This is very attractive ad , it attracts more and more clients , if you are having really a grabbing and catchy scheme of products along with some lucrative discounts or offers.
This will be displayed along with the banner ad, at the top of the screen.

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Sponsored Ad

This is an alternative method , it has a multiple ads in rotation , it captivates you to see the ad , moreover it is visible just below the Banner ad.

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Home Page

As it is common , visitor has first tendency to go through the valuable clients and products on the first page , your business logo or product image will be displayed and obviously ,it will multiply the goodwill of your business logo and have good foot-fall at your store or product which is displayed , it will be on the tongue of many clients.

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Gallery Ad

A marvellous way to represent your products with details and give you liberty to have multiple products along with the description and clicking on it gives you magnifier look. Exclusive position on the category page

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Bottom Ad

This is a eye-catching ad , it comes with half screen format and catch your glimpse every time , undoubtedly , this is a unique ad , positioned at bottom but goes to the bottom of your heart and ask you to click on image.

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